Touch Screen Unisex Winter Outdoors Gloves

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Whether You're Planning A Fun Ski Trip Or Will Be Just Stuck Shoveling Snow This Winter, These Thermal Gloves Will Keep Frostbite At Bay. If You Want To Be Able To Check Your Phone Without Removing Your Gloves, Try Them! These Tech-friendly Gloves Are Perfect For Those Who Still Like To Stay Connected While Enjoying The Great Outdoors!

Touch Screen: These amazing gloves allow you to use any mobile device while wearing them. You check your phone without removing your gloves. These tech-friendly gloves are perfect for those who still like to stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors!

Windproof and Waterproof: The gloves are made with windproof, fast-drying, and breathable materials to keep hands moisture-free. 

Anti-Slip Design: The gloves also feature an extra silicone grip on the palm, so your hands won't slip as you scroll, ski, or shovel.

Velvet Interior Design: These gloves were created to keep you comfortable and warm with the unique velvet interior design.

Versatile Use: These gloves are also designed for winter outdoor sports like snowboarding, skiing, climbing, running, and more.


                          M                              L                               XL
Plam Width     3.85 inches             3.93 inches              4.33 inches
Glove length   9.44 inches             9.64 inches              9.84 inches


Material: Cotton, Lycra, Nylon, Silicone.
Item Weight: about 80g
Sizes Available: S,M,L,XL
Suitable for: Cycling, Riding, Fishing, Hiking, Skiing, Running, Outdoor Sport.

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