TravelTech™ 7 in 1 Universal Smart Adapter Charging Kit

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This ingenious Tech Kit is all You'll Ever Need! 
A revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used for regular or wireless charging accessories and storage in a credit card-sized kit. 

The TravelTech™ also comes with a wireless charging option, and we are proud to introduce the latest member of the TravelTech™ family: Smart Adapter Charging Kit with a 5000mAh  POWER BANK !!! 

TravelTech™ comes with 7 most commonly needed tech bits, including a:

  • Wireless Charging Pad (optional)
  • Type-C to Type-A Adaptor
  • Nano Sim Storage
  • Sim Pin
  • 1W LED Light
  • Type-C to Lightning Adaptor
  • Type-C to Micro Adaptor
  • Type-C Cable

Wireless Speed Charging! (variants #2&3)- Running out of batteries? The TravelTech™ got you all covered! Designed with a wireless speed charging function for the upgraded version, you can charge your devices anywhere by connecting the TravelTech™ to a connecting port! 

Wireless Charging Phone Stand! - Want to be using your phone while charging? We do too! Use the smartphone stand that comes at the back of the ma to turn it into a charging phone stand and enjoy the most convenient right now! 

Multi-function Universal Smart Adaptor kit with Power Bank (variant #4 )

One-Off A Kind - It is the ONLY Powerbank with built-in charging cables to charge any device!
Small And Lightweight - It's incredibly light and compact. Making it the best power bank to travel with. 
Innovated Technology - The Powerbank is built with a unique, lightweight Li-Polymer 5000mAh battery that retains up to 70-80% of its full capacity even after 500 charge-discharge cycles.

Power bank capacity:5000mAh Li-Polymer battery
Products Size:65*95*23mm

Compact Dual Supporting Memory Reader - TravelTech™ embraces the convenience of a memory card reader that supports both Type A (Standard USB) and Type C. Get all the tech jobs done with just one! 

All In One SIM Kit - TravelTech™ includes a SIM ejector pin and 2 nano-SIM card storage spaces! It might look simple, but makes a significant difference when the occasion arises! 

A Card-Sized Convenience For The Smart You!  - With TravelTech™, you don’t even have to think about which type of cable to bring. Just slide the card-sized TravelTech™ out of your wallet or pocket whenever, and wherever you need.

1W LED Light To Bright Up Your Day - Built to support you through any daily emergencies. That's why we're incorporating a smart 1W LED torch that will brighten your way in any darkness.

Traveling network partner - Don't worry about exchanging sim cards and storing your sim cards safely. The package contains sim card pins and 2 nano sim storage spaces. Support multiple devices with powerful connecting with traveling card light and portable charging & transmission anywhere.


Output Interface: USB, Type C, 2 A Ports
Power Source: USB
Input: 5V/2A
feature 1: wireless charging adapter
feature 2: SIM card pin TYPE-C to TYPE-A adapter
feature 3: flashlight switch TYPE-C to IOS adapter
Package Includes 
1x TravelTech™ All in 1 Universal Adapter Kit

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