Therapeutic Infrared Lamp

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The Therapeutic Infrared Lamp + Light Bulb projects infrared light waves that are beneficial to the human body's health. The waves penetrate the skin and its subcutaneous tissues to produce temperature control and resonance effects.

Use the lamp and infrared bulb to enhance your immune system, muscle relief, and improve blood circulation.

Includes both a lamp and an infrared light bulb!

EU/US plugs available


  • Helps advance your immune system, muscle relief, and improve blood circulation.
  • The invisible rays of the Infrared bulb penetrate the body, effecting muscle, bone, and tissues.
  • Product includes both a lamp and an infrared light bulb
  • The natural energy of this bulb is identical to energy generated in our own body. 
  • Naturally absorbed into your tissues.  
  • Creates a gentle warmth within the surrounding area with a relaxed and serene feeling.
  • Suitable for house lamps, saunas or anywhere else.
  • Delivers many hours of affordable therapeutic benefit.



1. Materials:alloy+glass+ceramic
2. Power: 100W
3. Interface: E27

Package Includes
1 x Light Stand
1 x Light Bulb
1 x Securing Clip

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