Powerful Pump Wedge

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Tired of lifting heavy appliances? Lift effortlessly with this incredible Pump Wedge!

Every one of us is frequently faced with the task of moving and lifting heavy appliances, such as the refrigerator, washing machine, sofas, etc. This ingenious Powerful Inflatable Pump Wedge can easily help you lift up to 300 lb!
pump wedge

Multifunctional: It can lift, shift, align, level, and plumb heavy objects. The Powerful Pump Wedge inflatable air cushion is an innovative alignment tool that can replace shims and wedges when leveling and installing windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and household appliances.

Protects Objects:  Unlike wooden shims and plastic wedges that can mar surfaces, the WINBAG air wedge doesn't leave marks and is gentle on its surroundings. 

2 In. Gap Spanning Capacity: Gap spanning capacity means greater lifting or pushing range and more versatility on the job or around the house. The Powerful Pump Wedge has infinite adjusting possibilities and deflates at the touch of a button.

pump wedge

Easy one-handed operation: It’s extremely easy to use, with just a simple squeeze pump you can easily raise and lower heavy objects.

Durable: The Powerful Pump Wedge inflatable air cushion is made of fiber-reinforced material that is durable enough to be used time and time again. 

Lifts up to 300 lbs:  It’s very powerful, hand-operated pump that gives the Powerful Pump Wedge a maximum load of 300 lbs. per bag. Accomplish larger jobs by adding another Powerful Pump Wedge to increase capacity.

pump wedge


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