No-Tie™ Magnetic Lock Elastic Shoe Laces

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Turn Your Traditional Lace-up Trainers Or Shoes Into A Slip-on

Great Choice For Those Who Can’t Tie Shoelaces, People With Mobility Issues, Children, And Athletes Alike. Not Only Will No-Tie™ Laces Save You Time, But It Can Also Make Life Easier. No One Wants To Stop Mid-workout To Tie Their Shoelaces, Do They? 16 Stunning Colors Available To Choose From!

Never Tie Laces Again! No-Tie™ Magnetic Lock Elastic Shoe lacing solution is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to get in and out of your own shoes! No tying, no knots, no squeezing, no laces coming undone, no sloppy bows. Use them over and over on new shoes. No one wants to stop mid-workout to tie their shoelaces, do they? These incredible magnetic shoelaces definitely make life a lot easier!

New Elastic Magnetic Locking ShoeLaces Quick No Tie Shoe laces Kids Adult  Unisex Shoelace Sneakers Shoe Laces Strings| | - AliExpress
Powerful Magnetic Buckle: 

Available in 16 Different Stunning Colors

For the latest shoelace fashion designs please click here

Durability -  No-Tie™ laces are made with durable materials and will last you a long time. After all, they were created to make your life easier.

Magnetic Technology: With No-Tie™ you can run, jump, or play sports and the magnetic shoelaces will remain in place!

Instructions are included along with special clips to secure your shoelace ends and a small screwdriver is included 

Curved Design:

Magnetic ShoeLaces Elastic Locking ShoeLace Special Creative No Tie Shoes  lace Kids Adult Unisex Sneakers Laces strings| | - AliExpress
Easy To Use:


Material: Polyester

Length: 100cm/ 39.3 IN

Package includes: 

2 laces (1 pair) 

2 "silver" Magnetic metal locks

1 Screwdriver

 New Magnetic Shoelaces Elastic No Tie Shoe laces Flat Locking Shoelace Kids  Adult Sneakers Lazy Laces One Size Fits All Shoes| | - AliExpress

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