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Some of us bounce out of bed after the first ring of our alarm, whilst others take a bit more persuasion before crawling out from under the covers.

NATURECALL™ Alarm Clock wakes you up in a gentle, natural manner, to rise you from your slumber and prepare you for the day.

Prevent dark, dreary mornings during the winter months. NATURECALL™ Alarm Clock gradually fills your room with light 0-30 minutes before alarm time, mimicking sunrise bursting through your blinds.


At alarm time choose between 6 different sounds, from bird song to the sound of the ocean, or if you think you need a bit more of a nudge to get out of bed, the clock features several standard alarm rings.The device also features a day, date and temperature function to prepare you for the day ahead. 


  • This wake up light is made of eco-friendly ASB and PC material, slim and fashion design with delicate crystal display panel. 
  • 18 pieces warm white LEDs 
  • 18 pieces RGB LEDs
  • 8 light modes with touch control
  • RGB gradual changing light mode
  • Green / red / blue / purple / orange / indigo static color. 
  • 6 Alarm Sounds & FM Radio
  • Other Function: Hi/Mid/Low display contrast (display brightness) can be adjusted; 12/24 hour format; Support power off memory function; Touch control on the front panel.



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