QuickSew™ Side Opening Needle

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We can all relate to the struggle of threading a needle. But don’t let it keep you from your crafts or DIY sewing projects! Our self-threading QuickSew™ Side Opening Needle makes it easy to get it right every time. Simply run the thread along the side of the needle and into the small gap in the eye it’s that quick! This system is perfect for adults and kids alike! Great for beginners! 


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  • Quick needle insert in just a second!
  • Say goodbye to any insert struggle.
  • In one simple motion needle is threaded, just simply loop and thread!

    • You can even blindfold while inserting thread.

    • Tackle all projects quickly and easily.
    • Bury the strand even on short threads.
    • Great for beginners, it's easy and convenient.


    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: Multi-size
    • 12 Needles


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