MagicHook™ Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks

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These Amazing Hooks Will Let You Hang Anything On Any Wall Without The Drilling, These Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks Are Extremely Easy To Use, Just Paste One On The Wall And The Other On Your item To Hang Anything Easily And Conveniently. There Is No Need To Damage Or Punch The Walls, These Brilliant Hooks Will Make Life A Lot Easier!
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks
Self Adhesive Double-sided Hook: With two pieces of hooks matched together to hang easily and conveniently, you have no need to worry about how to make a hole.

Sturdy And Strong: Designed with up to 15 kg resistance per utility hook set on the wall and ceiling. 
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks
Drill Free: Requires No Drilling, No Screws, No Holes. 
Waterproof: Designed to be strong, super waterproof, and with high and low-temperature resistance.
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks
Transparent and Invisible: The stylish transparent design makes it almost invisible which is extremely suitable for great home decoration. 

Premium Quality: Designed with premium quality ABS+PVC, to ensure durability. 
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks
Reusable and Anti-slip: Just clean and dry the surface, then put the hook on the smooth surface. It's easy to clean and reposition without surface damage. It can be reused again and again if dried with a hairdryer - much better than the suction cup hooks.
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks
One Hook for Multi-purpose Use: It is widely used in the bathroom, outdoor, kitchen, decorations, to install suspended trash cans, toilet brushes, flower pots, pictures, and more. Ideal for Christmas Lights and Christmas wreaths.

Suitable For Various Surfaces: Widely used on a variety of surfaces, like Bricks, Glass, Metal, Wood door, Plank, Metal, Stainless steel, especially great for hanging accessories in the shower or kitchen utensils and tools on a tile backsplash.
Double-sided Adhesive Wall Hooks

  1. Before installing the adhesive hook, please make sure the surface is clean, dry, free from dust,  oil, and wipe it dry first.
  2. Tear off the back of the protective film and don’t touch the adhesive with your fingers.
  3. Paste it on any smooth surface and press it tightly to remove any bubbles.
  4. It is recommended to let it dry for 12 hours before hanging any item to ensure the product is firm and fixed.


Material: ABS+PVC

Size: 6*6cm/2.3IN

Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

Please note: due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, some minor delays in product delivery are possible, we are doing our absolute best to make sure you get your products as soon as possible.

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