CarGuard™ Car Door Protection Bumper Strip 6pcs/pack

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Now You Can
 Save Tons Of Money And Efforts In Car Door Repairs With The Ingenious Carguard™ Car Door Bumper Strip A Car Door Edge Guard That Is Placed On The Door To Soften Any Accidental Dings Or Scrapes So You Can Have A Pleasant Trip!

Have You Ever Swung Open Your Car Door A Bit Too Forcefully And Dinged A Pole Or Another Car Causing Damage To Your Car Or Another’s? 

Protect Your Car: 
CarGuard™ Car Door Bumper Strip can be placed on the door to soften any accidental dings or scrapes that could cause problems.

Transparent Design: If you have a high-end car, you are going to want to do everything you can to prevent it from taking on or causing damage. Although, if it is a nicer car, you probably don’t want to draw any extra attention to it since it does that all on its own. Our car door guard helps you do just that.
Highest Quality Rubber: Designed specifically with High-Quality Rubber that offers the greatest protection because of its pliability and ability to bounce away from hard objects without leaving a mark or dent.

Available In Fascinating Colors:


Item Width: 1.6 inch/4 cm

External Testing Certification: CCC

Item Length: 14.8 inch/ 37 cm

Material Type: High-Quality Rubber

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