Ionic ™ Mineral Filtered LED Temperature Light Changing Spa Showerhead

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Free Your Shower Of Toxic Heavy Metals, Chlorine And Lead With This Amazing Shower Filter That Uses Antibacterial Activated Carbon Ceramic Balls To Remove 97% Harmful Contaminants In The Water. Designed To Safely Use Water Flow To Generate Electricity And With Universal Fit, This Ingenious Shower Filter Will Completely Change Your Shower Experience! 

Why should you buy a shower filter? 
If concerns about nasty chemicals in your water have already prompted you to filter your drinking water, you may want to do the same for your shower as well. Although your shower water is monitored to be safe in the short term, long-term exposure to heavy metals and chlorine is still a risk, especially for the very young and elderly. 

Chlorine And Toxic Heavy Metals In Water: You might be thinking that there's no way that your water contains harmful contaminants. Unfortunately, even if your water smells and tastes fine, that doesn't mean it's free of harmful chemicals. The main toxic metals that often hide in water are arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, which all made the World Health Organization's top 10 list of "chemicals of major health concern." Even at relatively low levels, WHO reports that lead exposure can cause irreversible neurological issues. This is why water quality must always be a consideration. This showerhead will protect you and your loved ones from toxic heavy metals and provide you with great health benefits. 

Antibacterial Activated Carbon: This special Spa showerhead utilizes antibacterial activated carbon ceramic balls that fill in the showerhead handle tube and remove 97% residual chlorine and toxic heavy metals in the water. With the purifying effect of the bioactive stones, our showerheads will help you restore balance.  

Recover Your Health: The health benefits from avoiding harmful toxic heavy metals are huge. Including a reduction of your current symptoms, a stronger immune system, better concentration, better sleep, happier mood, better-looking skin. 
Zloog Hot 3/7 Color Changing LED Anion Spa Shower Head Temperature Control Bathroom  High Pressure Water Saving Hand Shower head|Shower Heads| - AliExpress
Luxury Spa At Home: Experience the luxury of a negative ion mineralized shower spa at the comfort of your bathroom 
lean Shower: Changes tap water into clean water with 3 layers of filters in the showerhead  

Water-Saving: Laser perforated technology feature saves water by as much as 30%  

Easy installation: Simply connect to any standard hose in seconds, and you're ready to go (hose not included)
Light Color Changes According To Temperature: With the in-built temperature sensor, 3 colors continuously change depending on the temperature of the shower. 
Water RGB Saving 7 Colorful LED Light Bath Showerhead Anion SPA Hand Held Bathroom  Shower Head Filter Nozzle6.99|Shower Heads| - AliExpress
Battery-Free and Plug Free: This amazing shower, requires no battery, is very safe and uses water flow to generate the electricity it works with. 

Universal Fit: Designed to fit any standard size hose. 

1pc Filter Shower Head Led Lighting 7 Color Negative Ion Shower Nozzle High  Pressure Shower Head Water Saving Rainfall Sprayer|Shower Heads| -  AliExpressSpecifications:
Material: ABS Plastic 
Shower shape: ROUND 
Type: Fixed Rotatable Type 
Package includes: 
1x shower head

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