GardenBliss™ Harvesting Thumb Knife & Protector***2 sets***

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Does It Hurt When You Pick Fruits And Vegetables?

The Tough Days Are Gone With Gardenbliss™ Harvesting Thumb Knife & Protector.

Designed With A Built-in Knife That Is Perfect For Instant Cutting, Picking, Pruning Of Vegetables, Fruits, Twigs, Branches Of A Plant, And More!

Our Gardening Knife Has A Silicone Finger Cover With A Unique Elasticity For Safety And Comfortable Gardening!

Functional & Comfortable Design: Thumb Knife includes an arc blade design that is made of stainless steel. It is easy to cut and clean. With a particular silicone fingertip, its unique elasticity makes you feel comfortable when you wear it.

Widely Used: The thumb cutter is suitable for picking most of the fruits and vegetables like strawberries, tomatoes, beans, eggplants, cucumbers, etc. It can also be used to do some gardening and trimming work.

Easy To Clean: The wearable knife is easy to use. Wear it on your fingers and start picking! When you are not using it, clean it, secure the blade and keep it away from children.
Keeps Your Finger Safe: The lightweight and comfortable protector fits snugly on the fingers and perfectly protects your nails. It saves your fingers from harm and prevents nail stains.

Premium Materials: Made with imported grade A stainless steel with an arc blade design for safer and easier cutting. These are effective and convenient for one-hand picking or trimming for more efficient gardening.

Durable and Long Lasting: The blade can be resharpened to give you a lifetime of usage.
Silicone Garden Gloves Thumb Knife Finger Protector Vegetable Harvesting  Knife Plant Blade Scissors Cutting Rings Picker|Grow Bags| - AliExpress

Materials: Silicone Gloves and Stainless Steel Knife and PP
Size: Small and Large

Silicone Thumb Knife Finger Protector Vegetable Harvesting Knife Plant Blade  Scissors Cutting Rings Garden Gloves|Finger Protectors| - AliExpress

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