Flower-Shaped Expandable Snack Box

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This beautiful flower-shaped snack box features expandable storage compartments that are perfect for offering a variety of snacks during any occasion. Gently twist the switch on top to make the flower bloom and reveal delicious snacks from the petal-shaped compartments.

Both decorative and practical, it's perfect for entertaining guests and adding to your home decor and is equipped with non-slip pads to hold it securely in place.

---Perfect for storing and serving candy, snacks, dried fruit, vegetables, household items, and much more. The small and large size options have 5 compartments, or choose the 10 compartment double-decker snack box. Available in blue or pink color design.SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Sizes available:
    • Small: ~23 (37 expanded) x 7.5cm / 9.05" (14.6" expanded) x 2.95"

    • Large: ~27 (43 expanded) x 8cm /10.6" (16.9" expanded) x 3.15"

    • Double-Decker: ~27 (43 expanded) x 13cm / 10.6" (16.9" expanded) x 5.1"

  • Colors available: Blue, Pink
  • Material: ABS

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