Ergonomic Baby Waist Carrier

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This strapless seat? That’s for less hassle.

Don't we all want to remain back pain-free or reduce it tremendously when carrying our child? This ergonomic hip-seat carrier is just made for that purpose!

It supports your back and your little one’s connection with you, while also providing a comfortable and safe seat to sit on for them?


  • The ergonomic carrier takes the pressure from your back (preventing long term damage);
  • Takes the pressure from your shoulders;
  • Takes the pressure from your arms;
  • Redistributes pressure around your waist area instead;
  • Allows you not having to arch to one side while carrying your child, which keeps your spine perfectly straight and healthy;
  • Anti-slip design for 100% safety for you and your child;
  • Allows for a comfortable seat for your child;
  • Very comfortable to wear; 
  • Allows you to carry your child on the right or the left side;
  • Made with top quality materials.


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