ShapeShifting™ 2 IN 1 Multi-Grip Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set (Rechargable)

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The pioneering ShapeShifting™ Pocket Size Cordless Electric Screwdriver Will Change The Way That You Work! 

Designed With The Most Advanced Features This Innovative Device Can Shape-shift, Rotate 90 Degrees, Has Multigrip Mode, Forward, And Reverse Switch, Front Led Light, Battery Level Indicator, Huge Lithium Battery Capacity and Comes With A Free Snake Drill Included To Help You Achieve The Most Efficient Work Performance!

Multi-Grip Shape-Shifting Mode & 90 Degrees Rotation Control: It can conveniently rotate 90 degrees to improve efficiency. With multi-grip mode, it is more convenient to operate. Rotating handle and screwing at various angles.

Strong and Powerful: This device comes with a Strong power to help you work effortlessly and much faster!Cordless Mini electric screwdriver Shape shifting 3.6V Power tools  Rechargeable Lithium battery Two way switch Home DIY Set| | - AliExpress

Front LED Light: Designed with a front LED light that allows you to work even in dark conditions.

Light-Weight: It is small, convenient, can fit inside your pocket, and is extremely easy to carry and work with.

Battery Level Indicator: You can check any time the battery level via the battery power indicator on the top.

Scalable: It can change in size and become larger or shorter depending on your needs.

One-Touch Forward and Reverse Switch: You can easily operate and switch in both modes for a faster more efficient work performance. 

Cordless and Convenient: This cordless screwdriver is designed with an ergonomic concept to provide you an excellent grip feeling for a better operating experience.

USB Rechargeable Large-capacity Lithium Battery: This incredible screwdriver comes with an upgraded lithium battery, which is more powerful, has a longer life, and is more durable.

Cordless Mini electric screwdriver Shape shifting 3.6V Power tools  Rechargeable Lithium battery Two way switch Home DIY Set| | - AliExpress

Different Screwdriver Bits: You can easily change its shape to fit your personalized needs anytime and choose different screwdriver bits from the set according to your needs. (full set of 17-bit accessories )

Free Free Snake DrillFree Snake DrillFree Snake DrillIncluded (for a limited time) : Perfect to work on hard to reach places. In this Special Set, You will get it for free.  the Snake Drill alone costs $19
as you can in this link:

Wide Range:
You can repair cameras, laptops, mobile phones, stereos, drones, watches, household appliances, bicycles, and more!


Type: Cordless Screwdriver

Power Source: Battery

Max. Torque: 3.5nm

Weight: 0.5kg

Frequency: 50-60hz

Speed: 250rpm/Min

Charger: USB

Battery: Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 5~5hours

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