Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard

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Here’s the most innovative space-saving hack for your computer desk: Introducing the new Laser Projection Keyboard.

This amazing invention projects a full-sized laser keyboard onto any flat surface and reads your fingers’ movements like magic. The unit itself is light and compact so you can take it anywhere you go – the perfect travel buddy for any digital nomad. Order your Laser Projection Keyboard now!


Product Details

Interface: Wireless
Connection: Wireless
Response Speed: 5ms
Bluetooth Version: V3.0
Full English QWERTY configuration

Compatible with:
iOS4 or above, Android 2.1 or above, Windows XP or above, Windows Phone 7 or above, Mac OS


Using the Product

• The Laser Projection keyboard is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to two hours of continuous typing.

• The sensor accurately picks up the keystrokes of your fingertips and sends the information back to your computer via Bluetooth. 

• You can also control the cursor using the Laser Projection Keyboard. 


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