MasterBBQ™ Barbecue Grill Light With Magnetic Base

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How Can You Tell If The Burgers Are Ready To Flip If You Can’t See The Grill?

It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Cooking; You’ll Likely Burn Dinner Or Yourself If You Don’t Have Enough Light To Barbecue Under. This Innovative Masterbbq™ Is Not Only Super Bright, Has A Powerful Magnetic Base, 360 Degrees Adjustable, Durable, Portable,  Multipurpose But Is Also Going To Make You Enjoy Your Most Unforgettable Barbecues!

POWERFUL MAGNETIC BASE - The barbecue light has a powerful magnetic base, which allows you to firmly secure it to your grill in any position. You can place it not only to the sides of a grill but also on any vertical or horizontal metal surface.

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SUPER BRIGHT - The BBQ grill light provides super bright, glare-free and wide beam to light up your entire cooking area instantly, ensuring perfectly cooked food each and every time
 0703488-e (7)360 DEGREES ADJUSTABLE - You can adjust it 360 degrees, enabling you to direct the light beam exactly where you need it and illuminate every inch of your grill surface

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DURABLE AND WEATHER RESISTANT - This feature allows the light to withstand extreme heat as well as harsh weather conditions 0703488-e (5)

PORTABLE AND MULTI-PURPOSE - It is not just a simple BBQ tool, but also a portable lamp for camping, reading, etc.

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Material: Aluminum alloy

Power supply: 3 AAA 7th batteries (not included)


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