1080p HD USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

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You can’t put a price on protecting the ones you love & your home. Have peace of mind with this multi-functional, discreet, high-quality USB wall charger with a secret camcorder. No one will be aware that it is capturing every move!

This camera looks and functions exactly like your standard USB wall charging adapter with no indication that it doubles as a hidden camera! Requires no batteries or additional software.

With no batteries or additional software required, this is the easiest and most discrete home security camera you will ever own!

Video recording starts the moment you plug the camera in the outlet and stops when you unplug it! this new 2018 model also has a motion detection mode! when set the camera will only start recording when motion is detected! (>5 meter detection range).

Whenever you are running out memory the camera automatically loops recording over oldest footage to ensure you have the latest video recordings always at the ready!

To watch recorded video footage simply connect your the camera to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable! You can even charge your phone at the same time you are recording!


1.FULL-HD video resolution (1920*1080) 30FPS

2.Built-in Microphone for audio recording.

2.Video file encoding: M-JPEG Video. 

3.Motion detection option - auto record when motion is detected.

4.Loop Recording option - auto-delete oldest recordings when storage is low.

5.Support up to 32GB memory via  microSD (not included).

DANIU M1 HD 1080P Mini No Hole Charging Head Camera Charger Hidden Camera Power Adapter Undetectable Security Camera


1.Open the charge camera’s front cover, peel-off protective film if exists.

2.insert micro SD card slot, make sure the microSD card is facing up.

3.Choose Recording Mode 

”L”- looping record mode: The camera will looping record a series of 5-minute video files save on micro SD card.

M”-Motion Detection mode: Camera ONLY record video when lens detect have motion, and save a series of 5-minute video files.

4.Close cover, now simply plug the camera charger into any outlet to start operation!

DANIU M1 HD 1080P Mini No Hole Charging Head Camera Charger Hidden Camera Power Adapter Undetectable Security Camera

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